About us

Dienzenhoferova 30/3,
370 06 České Budějovice
Czech Republic

The cooperative was built in the year 1952 as association of artisans goldsmiths, engravers, watchmakers, toolmakers, locksmiths etc. Consecutive increased metalwork, camping folding furniture, kitchen and household utensils production, car repair etc. After year 1989 founded most members of cooperative tier's own firm, therefore goes numbers of members of the cooperative down.

After transform of the cooperative in the year 1992 has the firm in this time 48 workers, from them are 10 members of cooperative.

The Production program can you see in the text by our works. The cooperative has 3 works. All buildings and lots belong to the cooperative.

Produce object:
metalwork, plastic work, production of keys, lock work, purchase and sale, produce of camping and fishing folding furniture, household utensils

1952 - transformed 1992

Chairman /business director/:
Dipl. Eng. Mrs. Jana Carová   /En, Ge/

+420 602 437 403



Komerční banka České Budějovice No. 312231/0100 CZK
Raiffeisenbank a.s. 1000042977/5500 EUR, 1000057634/5500 CZK

IČO: 00028568
DIČ: CZ00028568,

Statute authority:
board of directors


Work 2
České Budějovice

  • Production area: 400 m2
  • Stores: 100 m2

  • Program of production:
    lock work, metalwork, engravers, production of paper and photo trimmers, shears.

  • Machine equipment:
    pressing- welding- drilling machines, solder machines.


Work 3

It is situated in small village near Prachatice not far from German frontier.

The building was reconstructed in 1967-1970. New store was built in 1986.

  • Production area: 1460 m2
  • Stores: 690 m2

  • Program of production:
    camping and fishing folding furniture's, regales, locker, bicycle holder.

  • Machine equipment:
    pressing machines 10-100 t, shears, welding, bending, drilling machine, rivet and perforate machines, powder paints cabins.


Work 4

It is situated not far from German frontier, building from 1959, reconstruction, steel stores.

  • Production area: 620 m2
  • Stores: 176 m2

  • Program of production:
    grating and shredding machines, poppy mills, chimney cowl EKON, shoesspoons.

  • Machine equipment:
    shears, pressing machines 6-100 t, welding, bending, drilling machines, lathes, milling cutters, powder paints cabins, package machines.